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Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

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How To Tap Out Pain And Fatigue and Tap Into Feeling Good
When life is to be enjoyed, are you sitting on the sidelines because you’re too exhausted to join in the fun?

Do you avoid making plans to socialize because you’re not sure you’ll feel up to it?

Or are you so sensitive to things like, strong smells, loud noises, or crowded rooms that being around others sometimes feels like walking through a minefield?

And what about the unpredictable aches and pains that zap your energy and defy diagnosis and most treatments. Do you frequently ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Only to be baffled by not getting a clear answer.

You’ve been to all kinds of doctors and therapists.  The doctor says “I can’t find anything wrong, just take this…. it should make you feel better” only to discover the side effects are worse than the symptoms you’re trying to get rid of. The therapeutic treatments often bring relief, but don’t last very long.

With each passing month and year, you begin to give up hope and resign yourself to: ‘this is just the way it is and there’s nothing I can do about it’.

I know what this feels like because this used to be the way I was living my life. Or should I say not living the life I imagined. Chronic fatigue and pain was stealing my life from me and I was sick and tired of it.

I also happen to be a highly sensitive person. I felt trapped with no way out, if something didn’t change soon. Life as I imagined it could be, was a distant dream and each year my world got smaller and smaller. From time to time I would have a good stretch and think, ‘Ah, at last, I’m feeling better,’ only to have the fatigue and pain return, often with more intensity than before.

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