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11:11 Free Teleclass — January 11

You are personally invited to join me on this journey of Conscious Transformation on behalf of Mother Earth. The last four months, I introduced you to the first 4 of the Seven Keys to Creative Freedom and Personal Empowerment. Each month you will learn a new key and experience it’s power to transform yourself and thereby the world around you.

Each Key is an essential element of the creative process and works cooperatively with all the others. If you are ready and willing to grow and expand on your spiritual journey and do so in a way that also benefits our Planetary Home, please join this series. Even if you missed the previous teleclasses, each is recorded and available for replay on my website:

One of the most profound elements of offering these monthly events is the activation of the Spiritual Principle: Where Two or More Are Gathered [in the name of God, Spirit, Universal Mind]….Something Wonderful Happens.

So, come along for an inspirational ride.

Key #5: Action: Discerning Inspired Action from Busy-ness
Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time: 11:00 am PDT

Busy-ness is a cultural imperative. Never before in the evolution of human consciousness have we been so effectively locked into ‘keeping busy’. But how much of it is done with conscious intention and purpose? How much of it helps you to feel connected to your true nature and meaningful engagement in your life? How much of it supports having a healthy body, loving relationships and meaningful livelihood, let alone time to oneself for rest, relaxation or spiritual contemplation. 

On this month’s teleseminar, I will share insights into the purpose and application of the 5th Key and how to establish alignment between what’s most important to you and the actions you take. I’ll also share 3 ways to help you receive and recognize an Inspired Action Step and then prioritize it over busy-ness. The more you gain mastery in this area of conscious creating, more elements of your life will align with your mission and purpose as well as your success.

To learn more about Key #5: Inspired Action, and refine your daily activities to better serve your self, your community and the planet, please join me on Wednesday, January 11th at 11:00 AM Pacific time. I look forward to sharing with you.

Find out more and Register for this Teleclass here:

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Your 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Training is now live!
Margaret Lynch had over 43,857 people (including me) watch the tapping videos in her four-part mini-series. And she received hundreds and hundreds of heart-felt and heart-opening comments. To Find Out More Click Here

If you wonder if the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Training is for you, please go take a look now. You see the doors are only open for four days. That’s now thru Friday December 16th at midnight.  One of your 7 Levels bonuses is five LIVE teleclasses with Margaret. And those start December 21st. Live sessions with Margaret are priceless.

Once you make this investment in yourself;  your in-depth, power packed Tapping training starts immediately. You get direct access to the  digital version while your training kit is shipped to you. I took it and I am certainly seeing results in my life that lights up my world in wonderful ways. Better cash flow is just one of them. And I love being able to go back over them again and again to keep peeling away the layers.

Click here to join Margaret for this life-changing training.

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“Limiting Money Vow” holding you back?

I had a number of limiting money vows and I didn’t even know it! They’re a lot more powerful than beliefs or programs around prosperity issues you may have already worked on. Don’t miss this chance to find out if you have some too and then do something about clearing them. It made a big difference for me.

In my many years of study, healing, transforming, teaching… I’ve come across many experts with much to say and share.

After awhile the messages start to sound an awful lot alike.

So when someone comes along and says something in a new way; my ears prick up, my heart expands, my world tilts a bit...(in a good way.)

Margaret Lynch’s 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation video did that for me.
7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

I’m been studying and teaching personal development, human awakening, and evolving consciousness for decades.

I’ve also studied the chakras, the meridian system, and the aura for most of that.

Yet, Margaret Lynch opened new insights to me on the chakras and showed me some things I did NOT know.

Each of us make negative, or limiting VOWS about money, health, love, and sex.

Are you refusing to be rich?

We’ve all heard of limiting beliefs and fears but what she teaches is that there is a limiting vow in you that absolutely refuses money and wealth.

A lot of people talk about your unconscious blocks, but what if you’ve actually made a vow against money?

Each of these vows are stored in our chakras, they are like software programs with the energetic data bases of our bodies – storing unconscious commands that drive our lives.

I’ve know all this about the unconscious minds…but not with the chakras in quite this way.

Healing, true deep healing, has to include deleting those limiting vows from each of the chakras. Margaret shows you how in this revolutionary (and free) training video.

It’s a simple, ten minute Tapping exercise that will shatter your limiting money vows and your family (including ancestors) money paradigms. And open a door for you to choose the vows and the money paradigm you want to live by. Click Here to find out more.

Best Regards,

PS: Even if you’re not to keen on money, finances, and wealth; give this exercise a thorough viewing. Because I know that we all have limiting beliefs about sex, love, safety, health, and happiness stored in those chakra databases too.

Margaret is pointing the way, offering a road map, for clearing all those negative paradigms that are holding you back.
Find out more about the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation.

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Memories of PATH and Lessons Learned

One thing in particular I remember from my time with PATH in KC was learning from Sharon how to say No from a calm and confident state of mind. She shared the information that someone took the time to count the Yes’s and No’s in the Bible both Old and New Testament. In Metaphysics, the Bible can be a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness from innocence to enlightenment. Guess What?

There are 3 times as many No’s as there are Yes’s.

Therefore, she encouraged us to learn to say No as a way to get clearer about what our true Yes’s are.

It definitely took conscious awareness to tune in to myself any time I was tempted to do something from a place of should or ought rather than a clear ‘yes, this is mine to do’. As I practiced saying NO from my place of inner truth, opportunities for my true mission opened up and the YES times were so much easier to recognize.

I am grateful everyday for that teaching.

More at:

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Free 11:11 Teleclass this Thursday, August 11 at 11 am PST

Tapping into What’s Working

I’m often asked the question, “Isn’t it going against the Law of Attraction to focus on the negative or the problem?” If that’s all you are doing, then yes, it’s not going to help move you in the direction you want to go. The difference with tapping is that you focus on the problem or symptom that is painful while tapping, long enough to disperse the negative emotional charge that’s attached to it. At the same time you are also focusing on a positive thought when you add a version of “nevertheless I accept myself”.

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Margaret Lynch has a fantastic (and free) 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation tapping exercise and case study for you

In this excellent video Margaret shares with you the story of Joan. Joan Cremin is a spirit guided energy healer. Like you and so many heart-centered entrepreneurs, she has a dream of making a difference in people’s lives. Click here to see the video

Joan dearly wants to help those who “the world has forgotten and left behind.”  She wanted to bring her energy healing – the work that makes her heart sing; the work she was born to do – to the elderly in nursing homes.

But Joan was trapped in a job, work for her that was “worn out,” and kept her “heart from singing.” Her fears and anxieties about money kept her confined to a life of doubt and struggle. Margaret showed Joan this ten minute tapping exercise and she had an amazing breakthrough.

I think you will to too. Find Out More

Joan tapped through the limiting vow locked in her 1st Chakra; just like you will… She was able to:

·         double her income with her spirit guided energy healing work,

·         leave that “worn out work” behind,

·         celebrate doing the work she loves and feels born to do,

·         discover an incredible business side of herself.

All by shifting her family paradigm about money and wealth with this simple, yet powerful tapping exercise. You’re going to love Joan’s story and this exercise from Margaret. Read Joan’s Story

Best Regards,
Margaret Lynch

Margaret Lynch is a highly regarded expert on Tapping – some people call it EFT. She has spent the last 18 months mastering how to shatter the limiting beliefs trapped in your energy system. This video is a real game changer.

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Why Go the Extra Mile?

If you’re like me, you’ve heard the phrase “go the extra mile” but didn’t know where it came from. Recently I came across this story about it.

In biblical times, Roman soldiers required each man and boy of a region to carry a soldier’s gear for a mile as the army marched through their region. Many of the men placed precise markers one mile from their home and went no further. Yet, others went an extra mile. Now why would they do that? What was in it for them? They didn’t get paid for the first mile so they definitely didn’t get more for the second. It didn’t win them any special favors or marks for good behavior.

Here’s my theory. They did it because they discovered that by choosing to go the extra mile, they turned an unpleasant or even painful task into an act of giving by shifting their thoughts and feelings about it. Now instead of vibrating anger and resentment their feelings became uplifting even empowering. They were now in an attitude of generosity. It gave them back a sense of self control from the inside out. I’m sure the rest of their day went a lot better because of it.

Your thoughts and feelings attached to an any action are powerful and when you line them up to be an empowering, uplifting activity rather than a dreaded obligation, the whole experience changes. When you genuinely feel good on the inside, the outer conforms. This is a vivid example of how the Law of Attraction really works. If you’re inner energy lines up with your outer actions in a positive way, you attract more positive experiences to you.

Practice going the extra mile with this new insight and see for yourself if it makes a difference for you. If you struggle with it or hit a roadblock, use EFT or meridian tapping to move through it.

I look forward to hearing about what you discover.

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