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Why Go the Extra Mile?

If you’re like me, you’ve heard the phrase “go the extra mile” but didn’t know where it came from. Recently I came across this story about it.

In biblical times, Roman soldiers required each man and boy of a region to carry a soldier’s gear for a mile as the army marched through their region. Many of the men placed precise markers one mile from their home and went no further. Yet, others went an extra mile. Now why would they do that? What was in it for them? They didn’t get paid for the first mile so they definitely didn’t get more for the second. It didn’t win them any special favors or marks for good behavior.

Here’s my theory. They did it because they discovered that by choosing to go the extra mile, they turned an unpleasant or even painful task into an act of giving by shifting their thoughts and feelings about it. Now instead of vibrating anger and resentment their feelings became uplifting even empowering. They were now in an attitude of generosity. It gave them back a sense of self control from the inside out. I’m sure the rest of their day went a lot better because of it.

Your thoughts and feelings attached to an any action are powerful and when you line them up to be an empowering, uplifting activity rather than a dreaded obligation, the whole experience changes. When you genuinely feel good on the inside, the outer conforms. This is a vivid example of how the Law of Attraction really works. If you’re inner energy lines up with your outer actions in a positive way, you attract more positive experiences to you.

Practice going the extra mile with this new insight and see for yourself if it makes a difference for you. If you struggle with it or hit a roadblock, use EFT or meridian tapping to move through it.

I look forward to hearing about what you discover.

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The Freedom to Choose

Happy Independence Day! I came across this great quote the other day from an unexpected resource and wanted to share it with you.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”–Dr. Seuss

On this day of celebrating freedom as a nation, it’s also a good day to remind yourself of the freedom you have to choose your own thoughts and actions. But what about those times when it feels like your mind is going in one direction and your feet are going in another?

When this happens, you can bet there’s some unconscious mental chatter propelling your feet, no matter how much you try to make them go another way with your conscious mind. Before you criticize yourself, remember that the unconscious mind is alot more powerful than your conscious thoughts. The freedom of choice you have in this moment is to first acknowledge this contradiction is happening and get tapping. Until you do that first step, it’s much harder to make a new choice.

That’s what I love about the EFT setup phrase. When you say to yourself while tapping, “Even though my mind is saying one thing and my actions keep pulling me in another direction, I accept myself,” the shift begins to take place. That simple statement of what’s really happening while being kind to yourself, begins the process of effectively choosing a new direction.

You don’t have to know why there is this disconnect or battle going on inside of you in order to make a new choice. Just be honest with yourself that the brain in your head is saying one thing and the feet in your shoes are doing another. In that moment you can consciously bring these two parts of yourself together by letting the brain and your feet literally talk and tap it out.

Today along with celebrating freedom and independence, celebrate the liberating process of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to get your brain and feet working in harmony with one another once again.

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Are You Between Doors?

Sunday at Bellingham Center for Spiritual Living the new spiritual leader, Rev. Andrea referenced the often quoted spiritual principle: “When one door closes, another opens.” Then she added, “What they didn’t tell you about is the hall…….  It has lots of unopened doors, is long, barely lit with one 40W bulb and there are these boxes to be gotten around with labels on them like doubt, fear, confusion, frustration, etc.”
Boy is that true for me at this time. I recently moved from an island where I had lived for over 18 years. At times I am definitely confronted by these very boxes. Yet, I can also say that many amazing co-incidents (cooperating incidents) and serendipitous connections are also happening. They are so uplifting that it feels like I am being carried along toward my next door. Most of the time it’s a delightful adventurous ride as long as I keep moving forward by taking the next step.
Are you between doors? What’s showing up in your hallway? Are you remembering to tap your way around and through the boxes? When I do, it really helps.  I also like it when I’m reminded on the radio by the Motel 6 mantra:
“We’ll leave the light on for you.”

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Spring Cleaning From The Inside Out

Did you know that taking time to tend your inner garden enhances all other aspects of living a full life?

The more you clear the inner cobwebs, emotional debris, and tangled beliefs that are dragging you down and shadowing everything you are currently experiencing in your life, the more outer demands will shift in their sense of urgency and difficulty. As a result, you will be less reactive and more consciously responsive. You will see new opportunities, make better choices, and take “inspired” actions because you are free of the mental and emotional baggage you are currently carrying around with you.

More information:

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Combining EFT with Ho O’ponopono

Combining meridian tapping (EFT) with the Hawaiian prayer Ho O’ponopono often can clear up an issue that is particularly resistant to change or that seems to reappear.
Based on the principle that you and I are the creators of our reality, by using love, forgiveness and acceptance, the magnetic energy surrounding a problem can be emotionally and energetically neutralized. Once that takes place you can more effectively create a new current reality.
Recently when working with a coaching client, it seemed appropriate to use this power combo while the client was emotionally in touch with a “problem” that had been manifesting in her life for years. She had made progress in detangling it, but it was still present enough to be getting in the way. Using open ended questions and intuition, a first chakra fear surfaced: ‘if she really was as successful as she wanted to be, she would be shunned by her family and friends.’
Once she accepted that this unconsciously held belief was resonating within her, it seemed like an ideal time to combine tapping with Ho O’ponopono. I had her say the prayer with the intention of speaking to her self.
So tapping through the 8 shortcut points, a noticable shift occurred that both of us felt. If you want to try it for yourself, follow this simple process. Remember to take full responsibility for your own inner healing journey as you do this work.
Tapping on the Karate Chop point: “Even though I vowed never to do anything that would cause my tribe to shun me, like being really successful, I realize this vow no longer serves me and the gifts I choose to bring to the world. It’s OK for me to prosper for providing these gifts.”
EB: I love you
SE: I’m sorry
UE: Please forgive me
UN: Thank you
Chin: I love you
CB: I’m sorry
UA: Please forgive me
Top of Head: Thank you.
By staying inwardly focused and speaking each phrase as a kind and compassionate friend to herself, the shift was deeply felt. Peace and gratitude bloomed all around.
May the power of love and forgiveness bless you as well.

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Free Teleclass Tomorrow: Sunday, July 11

Time: 11:00 am Pacific Time, 12 pm Mountain Time, 1 pm Central Time, and 2 pm Eastern Time.

In honor of these times and my curious relationship with 11:11, I am offering a series of Tapping Teleclasses on the 11th day of each month at 11:00 am Pacific Time for 11 minutes.
Subscribe to hear the Teleclasses, listen to Teleclass archives, and find out more at

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Happy Tapping News

Are you directly affected by the Gulf Oil Spill, or are you inundated by the news and images about it? Either way it may be impacting your energy flow in any of a number of ways.

How well are you managing your energy because of this far-reaching event?

On the June 11:11 teleclass, I was inspired to do a tapping session focusing on the Gulf oil spill from a unique perspective. I encourage you to take the time to listen in and see if you get insights into how it might be affecting you. Then tap along on the identified areas in your life that are a reflection of this event. You can replay it as many times as you need to in order to address all the ways you are experiencing a “drain on your energy”.

Listen to the June 2010 Teleclass

And of course, I’d love to hear from you about your experience with this tapping model.

Remember, the mind must shift before the outer dimension can shift. Let’s all do what we can to shift the paradigm of this problem from the inside-out.

With your best interests in my heart and mind,

Happy Tapping,



To find out about the Free Teleclasses: Tapping for Mother Earth please visit the website.

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