A Call To Artists


Are you yearning to share your creativity? Have you struggled with fears, frustrations, anxiety and invisible barriers?

Are you ready to come forth and play your unique part?

The time has come for you to break through the barriers to empowered self-expression. The world needs your vision, your voice. Your heart’s message needs to be seen and heard.

It’s time for you to be set free: to be the messenger you were born to be. No one can give your message for you. Now is the moment for you to step forward, by shedding old limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Listen carefully:

And you have the ability to create a new outcome.

That’s right, there is an innate ability within you that can free you of past programming and open the door to fulfilling your mission by living on purpose. You simply need to tap into it.

Here’s the good news. I am now teaching the very tools that gave me my freedom to be what I came here to be. It’s my mission and purpose to teach these methods to you.

Are you ready to step forward? Imagine being part of this community of creative individuals around the world who are tapping into spiritual principles and making a positive difference in their own lives as well as the planet? Are you one of the cultural co-creatives whose vision will help heal the world?

This is not a how to succeed in business program.

Yet, you may discover that you are thriving in a new paradigm of prosperity. Are you open to untapped opportunities to share your gifts and talents and be abundantly provided for in the process?

This new “Be Set Free” spiritual self-empowerment program is specifically designed to empower artists, writers, composers and many others to become fulfilled in all aspects 
of life.

I am launching the first wave of this program now. I am looking for a select group of individuals who are ready to connect with their own energy grid in order to put this process into action in their lives now.

These are universal tools and spiritual principles (with Quantum Physics to back it up)
put together in a concise, efficient and easy to apply process.

With this program, you will be relieved of the patterns and barriers that have held you back. Together we can shift into a vaster dimension of healing and change, for your self, each other, and the world around us.

These same self-empowering systems are working miracles in my life. I am now more than ever living my truth and expressing my creative genius.

I am not doing this by myself. Each step is in partnership with my intuitive nature that
I learned to access in new and inspired ways. This co-creative process has gently yet effectively untangled the web of limiting and unnecessary self-protective and self-sabotaging life patterns and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.

Now it’s your turn to be set free. The Earth needs your unique gifts.

You know who you are. I invite you to step forward and be on this wave of transformation that is now available for you. 
The journey is full of wonder and surprises and it’s LOTS OF FUN, TOO.

If you feel a stirring in your heart then this message is for you. Please contact me and schedule a complementary pre-coaching 30-minute consultation. You won’t know if we are meant to work together until we begin to know one another. Let’s see if it feels like a good match between what you are looking for and what I am offering.

Some of the key self-empowerment elements of the program include:

• Learning and applying Meridian Tapping Techniques (a.k.a. EFT).
• Comprehend the importance of personal Energy Coherence.
• Understanding Emotional Resonance and how to adjust it from the inside out.
• Being Conscious of your Energy Field and learning how to manage it for greater self-expression.
• Daily enlist the assistance of your own Spiritual Guides, Angels or Unified Field 
  (the name doesn’t matter, the connection does!).
• Unravel the conflicting energetic patterns of thoughts, beliefs and emotions including those that you are not yet aware 
of that are holding you back.
• Learn to recognize the difference between your Inner Voice and sabotaging self-talk and change it quickly.
• Recognize the power of the co-creative process, from the inside out.
• Ignite your inner vision, then set intentional goals. You will learn to align your energy and achieve them in 
unprecedented ways.
My mission as an Energetic Life Coach, Tapping Specialist and artist is to assist in the empowerment of other artists
(regardless of medium) who have a compelling message they deeply desire to share with the world.

Thank you for following your heart and honoring this invitation. I look forward to assisting you as you achieve authentic 
self-expression and personal fulfillment beyond your current imaginings.

True happiness is an inside job.

Ask yourself: IS THIS MINE TO DO?
Listen carefully.

If the answer is yes, please contact me.
I look forward to connecting with you.

Nancy Southern, MSW
Energetic Life Coach
360-376-4288 (US Pacific Time)

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