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11:11 Free Teleclass — January 11

You are personally invited to join me on this journey of Conscious Transformation on behalf of Mother Earth. The last four months, I introduced you to the first 4 of the Seven Keys to Creative Freedom and Personal Empowerment. Each month you will learn a new key and experience it’s power to transform yourself and thereby the world around you.

Each Key is an essential element of the creative process and works cooperatively with all the others. If you are ready and willing to grow and expand on your spiritual journey and do so in a way that also benefits our Planetary Home, please join this series. Even if you missed the previous teleclasses, each is recorded and available for replay on my website:

One of the most profound elements of offering these monthly events is the activation of the Spiritual Principle: Where Two or More Are Gathered [in the name of God, Spirit, Universal Mind]….Something Wonderful Happens.

So, come along for an inspirational ride.

Key #5: Action: Discerning Inspired Action from Busy-ness
Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time: 11:00 am PDT

Busy-ness is a cultural imperative. Never before in the evolution of human consciousness have we been so effectively locked into ‘keeping busy’. But how much of it is done with conscious intention and purpose? How much of it helps you to feel connected to your true nature and meaningful engagement in your life? How much of it supports having a healthy body, loving relationships and meaningful livelihood, let alone time to oneself for rest, relaxation or spiritual contemplation. 

On this month’s teleseminar, I will share insights into the purpose and application of the 5th Key and how to establish alignment between what’s most important to you and the actions you take. I’ll also share 3 ways to help you receive and recognize an Inspired Action Step and then prioritize it over busy-ness. The more you gain mastery in this area of conscious creating, more elements of your life will align with your mission and purpose as well as your success.

To learn more about Key #5: Inspired Action, and refine your daily activities to better serve your self, your community and the planet, please join me on Wednesday, January 11th at 11:00 AM Pacific time. I look forward to sharing with you.

Find out more and Register for this Teleclass here:

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