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“Limiting Money Vow” holding you back?

I had a number of limiting money vows and I didn’t even know it! They’re a lot more powerful than beliefs or programs around prosperity issues you may have already worked on. Don’t miss this chance to find out if you have some too and then do something about clearing them. It made a big difference for me.

In my many years of study, healing, transforming, teaching… I’ve come across many experts with much to say and share.

After awhile the messages start to sound an awful lot alike.

So when someone comes along and says something in a new way; my ears prick up, my heart expands, my world tilts a bit...(in a good way.)

Margaret Lynch’s 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation video did that for me.
7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

I’m been studying and teaching personal development, human awakening, and evolving consciousness for decades.

I’ve also studied the chakras, the meridian system, and the aura for most of that.

Yet, Margaret Lynch opened new insights to me on the chakras and showed me some things I did NOT know.

Each of us make negative, or limiting VOWS about money, health, love, and sex.

Are you refusing to be rich?

We’ve all heard of limiting beliefs and fears but what she teaches is that there is a limiting vow in you that absolutely refuses money and wealth.

A lot of people talk about your unconscious blocks, but what if you’ve actually made a vow against money?

Each of these vows are stored in our chakras, they are like software programs with the energetic data bases of our bodies – storing unconscious commands that drive our lives.

I’ve know all this about the unconscious minds…but not with the chakras in quite this way.

Healing, true deep healing, has to include deleting those limiting vows from each of the chakras. Margaret shows you how in this revolutionary (and free) training video.

It’s a simple, ten minute Tapping exercise that will shatter your limiting money vows and your family (including ancestors) money paradigms. And open a door for you to choose the vows and the money paradigm you want to live by. Click Here to find out more.

Best Regards,

PS: Even if you’re not to keen on money, finances, and wealth; give this exercise a thorough viewing. Because I know that we all have limiting beliefs about sex, love, safety, health, and happiness stored in those chakra databases too.

Margaret is pointing the way, offering a road map, for clearing all those negative paradigms that are holding you back.
Find out more about the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation.

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