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Lynne Twist Interview

I found this interview with Lynne Twist (author of The Soul of Money) so inspiring and conscious in a way that my heart could relate to that I wanted to share it with you. I hope you find meaningful insight and awareness about how we as a culture relate to money in her message.



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Memories of PATH and Lessons Learned

One thing in particular I remember from my time with PATH in KC was learning from Sharon how to say No from a calm and confident state of mind. She shared the information that someone took the time to count the Yes’s and No’s in the Bible both Old and New Testament. In Metaphysics, the Bible can be a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness from innocence to enlightenment. Guess What?

There are 3 times as many No’s as there are Yes’s.

Therefore, she encouraged us to learn to say No as a way to get clearer about what our true Yes’s are.

It definitely took conscious awareness to tune in to myself any time I was tempted to do something from a place of should or ought rather than a clear ‘yes, this is mine to do’. As I practiced saying NO from my place of inner truth, opportunities for my true mission opened up and the YES times were so much easier to recognize.

I am grateful everyday for that teaching.

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