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Tap into Emotional Mastery

“Emotional mastery is the ability to recognize what you are feeling, to allow it without judgment, and to express it appropriately.” Layne and Paul Cutright, Secrets and Strategies For Successful Relationships (EFT Masters)

What I love about using EFT or Meridian Tapping is being shown how to make friends with my emotions. They no longer rule my life by trying to avoid them when they are uncomfortable. I am now able to appreciate my feelings as messengers of my inner guidance system and respond in an empowering way.

Emotional Freedom Techniques isn’t meant to eliminate having uncomfortable emotions. EFT frees you from old emotions so you can feel what is really joyous about life in the moment. Then by learning to express the negative ones in a constructive way rather than burying them inside yourself, you lighten your energetic load. EFT is one of the most efficient and effective ways to clear an emotional experience that was interrupted and got filed away in your energy field to be relived again and again until resolved.

E-motions are simply energy in motion. They are meant to express like a wave in the ocean. I teach my clients to become ’emotional surfers’ using EFT. Practice leads to mastery. With mastery comes freedom to create new and amazing life experiences that are more inspired and joyful. That is worth tapping into.

Happy Tapping!

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