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Next Free Teleclass, Saturday Sept. 11

Time: 11:00 am Pacific Time, 12 pm Mountain Time, 1 pm Central Time, and 2 pm Eastern Time.

In honor of these times and my curious relationship with 11:11, I am offering a series of Tapping Teleclasses on the 11th day of each month at 11:00 am Pacific Time for 11 minutes.
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Relief From Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

September Four-Week Class Series
Do you have one or more self-sabotaging habits that limit your ability to have meaningful relationships, be successful in your business, solve everyday problems or realize your dreams?   Self-sabotage is usually caused by one or more of the four universal addictive patterns as defined by Angeles Arrien, PhD.:

1) Addiction to Intensity
2) Addiction to Perfection
3) Addiction to the Need to Know
4) Addiction to What’s Not Working
During this 4-week series you will zero in on which ones are holding you back and systematically reduce or dissolve their influence in various aspects of your life.

For a sample of a tapping session for the universal Addiction to Perfection, listen to an audio recording with Nancy Southern in a recent Teleclass: Listen to August 11 Teleclass

Dates: Thursdays, September 9, 16, 23, 30
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm
Place: Deer Harbor (Directions provided when you enroll.)
Cost: $150 (includes a private 1 hour session valued at $95)
Facilitator: Nancy Southern, MSW, Personal Energy Management Coach
Register: Email Nancy Southern
Call 360-376-4288

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