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Attitude of Gratitude

© Nancy Southern

It’s already November and time for Thanksgiving. Are you able to access an Attitude of Gratitude?

In the 80’s, I was living in Kansas City. I was part of a team who put on workshops and programming designed to inspire, uplift and transform consciousness.

The theme song for the Attitude of Gratitude workshops was Patti LaBelle’s “New Attitude”. How many of you remember it?
Go to: and then search New Attitude by Patti LaBelle.

Any time I hear that song, I’m up dancing before I can stop myself and I always feel light and happy! The words are great, too.
Go On, do it now. It’s only a couple of minutes and you’ll feel better, I promise. If that doesn’t get you feeling thankful then
definitely get to tapping. The setup statement could go something like this:

“Even though I can’t seem to feel grateful even with the help of  “New Attitude”, I’d like to believe it’s possible to feel grateful about something!” As soon as a grateful thought comes to mind, tap it in. Repeat this as often as needed to feel
the shift in energy inside.

Did you know that the vibration of love and gratitude are the most powerful emotions you can express? Gratitude works like
a giant magnet, drawing to you more and more experiences that provide a response of gratitude. One of my favorite traditions
at the Thanksgiving table is to go around and have each person describe something they are grateful for.

Can you feel your energy changing just tuning into all there is to be grateful for?

Here’s a suggestion: Tap into an “Attitude of Gratitude” each day for the rest of the month (or year), and see if you notice a
difference. Be creative about it, use music, meditation, pictures of friends and family, or do tapping sequences when you get stuck or feel resistance. Whether you focus on little bitty things or great big things, the vibration of gratitude is the same. Let me know what happens. It just might be something wildly wonderful.

Nancy Southern, MSW
EFT Specialist

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