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What’s Your Nature?

Several weeks ago I came across this unique self-profiling model that felt like turning on a megawatt bulb in my mind. I love sharing good ideas with others, so I just had to tell you about it.

When you were a kid just minding your own business, were you told to: “Settle down! Just sit still.”
Or perhaps someone said to you: “Hurry up, just make up your mind.”
Or, “Don’t be so sensitive!” Or maybe, “You’re too pushy, back off!”
Or, “Pipe down, you’re being too loud!”
Or, “Speak up, you’re mumbling again!”
Or, “Lighten up, you’re just too serious!”

You get the idea. Did you then make every effort to be different in ways that were not naturally ‘you’ in an attempt to be loved or simply fit in?

As a child I used to think that, in order to fit in I should be “sugar and spice and everything nice” but I couldn’t be that all the time so it must mean “there’s something wrong with me.”

But, what if I was just being my natural self and it was only someone else not understanding my nature that was the problem? I have over compensated for what I believed were my flaws or foolishness by trying not to be my natural self. I kept trying to be an ideal that just didn’t fit me. As I grew older, I felt like a fraud. It felt like I was living a lie. But, I was too afraid of not fitting in, criticism or rejection to live my true nature. It didn’t feel safe to be me. And, yes, I’ve done a lot of tapping on variations of this theme, but something still didn’t feel quite right.

Hooray, Carol Tuttle’s online Energy Profiling system has come to the rescue or at least an important paradigm shift. Carol has been working in the field of Energy Therapy (including EFT) for more than 15 years in pursuit of helping others live their truth. She really hits a home run when she says, “the very thing you don’t like about yourself or that you’ve been criticized for, may be your greatest gift–even your mission!”

As I began to use the Energy Profiling system to re-identify with my true nature, it was as if a weight was being lifted from my shoulders. (Guess how many times I’ve tapped through the tension in my neck and shoulders only to have it come back again?) The sense of revelation I felt brought tears of joy to my eyes. What a relief!!! The more I accept my true nature and the more comfortable I am with it, the less stressed I am. My neck and shoulders feel better too.

The quality and simplicity of Carol’s website and presentation of this model made understanding her message easy. I loved the personal stories about herself and her own family (she’s got 5 kids, plus several new in-laws) and how profound this information has been for them. I found myself tapping along with the video course as I could easily apply it to my self and my relationships, past and present. It put so many experiences into a new judgment-free context. It had such value I knew I had to share it with you. Like I said earlier, that’s my dominant Type 1 nature expressing itself.

What I liked most was her determination not to tell you what type you are. Instead she assists you in figuring it out for yourself. Being told by someone else who you are or how you should be in the world is a big part of the problems you are learning to tap your way out of. With energy profiling, that process gets a whole lot easier.

The online video course is a yummy, state-of-the-art presentation that I have watched several times. I learn something new each time because it activates my senses in a very positive way. As a kinesthetic learner, this was a big help in understanding it quickly.

The video was interactive and the audio e-book “It’s Just My Nature” helped me broaden my understanding of the Four Types. I use it everyday: I observe myself and others use energy to express our unique selves. Ready to check it out now? Use this link:  My Energy Profile Or keep reading.

Why is this information so helpful? Have you heard or even said to someone else lately:
Just finish what you start.
You wear me out with all these details!
I was only kidding!
Stop fidgeting!
Shhhhh! You don’t have to raise your voice, I can hear you just fine.
Stop being such a perfectionist!

Or how about:
Why do you always have to be the life of the party?
Who asked for your opinion?
Why do you ask so many questions?
Why can’t you just relax about it? Why do we have to do it your way?
If these comments were said to you, you probably retreated into ‘I-can’t-be-myself’, feeling angry or defensive, or buried your hurt feelings. If you said it to someone else, you may have then felt guilt or shame for having said something that hurt their feelings, made them angry or pushed them away from you. Either way it’s a NO WIN situation.

At least, you know you can tap it out and release the negative emotions. But what if you could perceive your self or the other person in such a way that eliminates taking on or giving out the negative vibes in the first place?

As you become familiar with the four types of energy, you recognize that each one of the above questions or comments fits a particular energy profile. When someone says one of them to you or vise versa, you’d know how to respond and still be true to your nature and also respect theirs! I call that a real WIN-WIN! That’s a big shift. Right?

You’ll find out why a Type 1 has more ideas than time to activate them, why Type 4s like to think it through before speaking up or making a decision, why Type 2s love being comfortable and in the flow of things, and why Type 3s just want to get the job done!

Don’t misinterpret yourself or others anymore—both of you have value, just the way you are. And by knowing what your energetic nature is as well as the energy type being expressed by the other person, you can now respond with acceptance of who you are and where each of you is coming from. This is a whole new experience of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM!

Imagine how you’d like your relationships with your family, friends, clients, co-workers or even strangers to improve. What if there’s a simple way to eliminate some of the everyday disruptions that zap your energy? I’m sure that will happen once you start getting familiar with the four energy types and living true to your nature as well as honoring it in others.

I look forward to hearing what energy type you innately desire to express and how it feels to tune into your true nature wholeheartedly! My August Recommendation:  Carol’s Online Energy Profiling System

Meanwhile, Happy Tapping,
Nancy Southern, MSW
EFT Specialist

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August Classes


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During times of rapid change, uncertainty or increased stress, your ability to access your intuition can be greatly hampered. Learning to tap away the emotional roller coaster you are on can lead to greater clarity, peace of mind, self-assurance and better decision-making. Being able to access your inner guidance system can be like 
a flashlight in the dark showing you where the next step can be safely taken rather than frozen by fear of the unknown.

This value packed series includes:
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Bonuses valued at over $300, but the class is only $150. 
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