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Three Simple Ways to Relax in One Minute or Less


How many of you remember recess as one of your favorite times at school? It usually meant time outside and a chance to breathe some fresh air. You may not have noticed but I’m guessing you may have taken a much deeper breath the minute you stepped out onto the playground and your whole body relaxed. Do you still take time for recess or even a minute or two of breathing deeper?
Did you know that breathing is the only autonomic function in the body that you can also direct consciously? When you intentionally breathe deeply and rhythmically it influences other autonomic systems like the heart and various internal organs. It also relaxes the conscious mind allowing for more subconscious insights to surface. Here are three quick and easy exercises that you can do anytime of the day to get that much needed “recess”.

Close your eyes, put your mind and even your hand on your chest where your heart is and begin to breath slowly and rhythmically. Feel your heartbeat. See if you can match the beating of your heart to the length of each inhale and exhale, to the count of 6 or 8 beats. Find the combination that is comfortable and easy to do. If your heart is racing, consciously see it slowing down as you slow down your heartbeat until it harmonizes with your breathing.

Take a conscious breath in through your nose and then with your mouth open, blow gently out 4 times with the last one more like a sigh. Repeat several times, then breathe normally. Repeat every few minutes, until you feel totally relaxed. One way to notice if you are getting a deeper relaxation is that you may yawn, sigh or take a deeper breath spontaneously.

If you’ve been doing a lot of reading or been on the computer for an extended time, this next exercise really helps rebalance your brain. Breathing tends to be shallow during prolonged mental focus. With your head still and facing forward, as you take in a deep breath allow your eyes to drift upward during the inhale. When you begin to exhale, let your eyes drift down toward the floor. Blink fully top and bottom or alternate opening and closing your eyes as they go up and down. Do this slowly and gently several times. Then do the same, moving your eyes side to side while inhaling in one direction and exhaling in the other. Then close your eyes while you do several more conscious breathing cycles.

Bonus Technique: For those of you familiar with EFT try doing a couple of rounds of tapping for shallow or restricted breathing. Be sure to do a rating of how deeply you are breathing before you start the setup phrase, so you can compare how you feel after you complete 1-3 rounds of tapping.

Your setup statement could go something like:
“Even though my breathing is really shallow right now, I totally and completely accept myself.”
Say this three times while tapping on the Karate Chop point. Then do the shortcut tapping sequence starting with the Eyebrow Point:

Eyebrow: this shallow breathing
Side of Eye: this shallow breathing
Under the Eye: I didn’t realize I wasn’t breathing deeply
Under the Nose: this restriction in my breathing
Chin: this shallow breathing
Collarbone: this shallow breathing
Under the Arm: this restricted breathing
Top of Head: this shallow breathing

Repeat or check to see if your breathing has deepened. Add a few choices statements the next time you tap through the points, such as:
I choose to relax and breathe deeply, or
It feels so good to take a deep breath, or
My whole body loves to breathe deeply.

Since continual stress prevents the body from it’s natural ability to regenerate, rejuvenate and heal itself, a few minutes of conscious breathing each day can make a big difference in your overall health and wellbeing. Besides that, it FEELS GOOD. There’s nothing like a deep breath of fresh air. In fact, step outside to do these if you can. You’ll get that much more benefit from it. You may even get in touch with some great idea that solves a particular problem. Let me know if you do!

Happy Tapping,
Nancy Southern

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July Classes

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