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EFT Goes To The Dentist

As an EFT practitioner, I always feel such gratitude for EFT when I watch people transform suffering into peace with EFT. It’s gratitude and relief when I personally experience moving through a painful experience with ease and grace using EFT.

I recently had a dental checkup and found I needed two cavities filled. It had been a while since my last filling and I thought, “Oh well, I’ll get through it somehow.” As the time approached for the appointment, my anxiety climbed higher and higher. My fears all centered round the Novocain shots. For years, I would only go to dentists who used “laughing gas” to tolerate it. I realized this was just another form of substance addiction to avoid dealing with my underlying fears. I purposely started going to a new dentist because he didn’t use the “laughing gas” in hopes I would “get over it”.

So even though I had helped others with shot phobia using EFT, I had not used it for myself as I had conveniently avoided getting any shots. At first, I decided I would have the fillings done without the shots, as I had been able to do that several years ago when the filling was very superficial. On the way to the dentist, I did several rounds of tapping on my fear of the shot and for being afraid to talk about my problem with the dentist.

When I got to the office, I was able to talk calmly with the dentist and his assistant about my dilemma. I was able to discuss it without being in tears, which would have been the normal reaction. That was a good sign.

Because one cavity was in an upper right side tooth and the other a lower right side tooth, it would require two shots. When I suggested that I was considering doing the fillings without the Novocain, the dentist was able to clarify the situation. I might be able to do OK with the lower one as it was shallow but the upper was deeper. He thought it best if I had at least the upper one to start with. As you can imagine, my SUD’s (Subjective Units of Discomfort) rating started climbing immediately.

I had brought a portable CD player with a self-help tape (not EFT) to play as a way to distract my mind, but I could tell it was not doing much for my anxiety. I also was afraid to tap while he was giving me the injection, as I didn’t want to jar him or me during the procedure. I also didn’t trust that trying to do it without any tapping, just mentally, would be effective.

So I, spontaneously, tucked my thumb inward and gently pulsed the thumb point with my index finger during the topical application and the shot itself. I wasn’t able to formulate any setup phrases, as my distress was too high, so I hummed instead. I felt pretty silly but believe me, at that stage it was all I could manage and I knew from the 9-gamut procedure, that humming could help unlock the blocks.

Here’s the amazing part. I was aware of sensation happening in my mouth where he was inserting the needle but it was not really pain, just varying degrees of sensation that I simply witnessed, pulsed my thumb and breathed my way through. I literally felt wave after wave of tension leave my body followed by a deeper breath after each wave.

After the shot process, which was slow and gentle and took a minute or two, (this dentist is known as one of the best at giving shots), the dentist asked how I did and all I could do was give a “thumbs up” with a smile while breathing through the tears that were now welling up in my eyes in sheer relief. He and his assistant praised me for doing so well and I said, “It’s not me, it’s the EFT.”

That alone was worth sharing but wait there’s more! I still had to see if I could get by with only the one shot and have the lower tooth filled without the numbing. My anxiety was about half of what it had been anticipating the first shot but still present, so again, during the drilling process, I pulsed the thumb point. I was able to leave out the humming and I’m sure everyone was grateful for that. I occasionally tuned into the relaxing/releasing tape playing in my ears and was able to breath almost normally.

Again I entered into the “witness” state and objectively experienced the sensations of the drilling and even the nerve sensitivity but without resisting it or needing to label it “pain”. I simply noticed varying degrees of sensation (most of which I would normally resist and call “pain”) and I got through it with amazing grace and ease! Now that’s a miracle!

—Nancy Southern

©Nancy Southern   All Rights Reserved.

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Combining EFT and A Course in Miracles

Several months after being introduced to EFT and while watching one of the EFT videos with Gary Craig, he mentioned he was a student of A Course in Miracles.

As I had also been into the Course for many years, I immediately got it how interconnected the two of them are. Both are tools for transforming the mind (our thoughts and perceptions) and therefore one’s experiences in this limited dimensional world. The outcome is more awareness of our spiritual nature whose essence is peace and well-being from the inside out.

A Course in Miracles is one of the single most helpful resources I have worked with to change my perceptions and therefore my experiences. But, I also knew it wasn’t a tool for the masses. In it’s own way, I feel it is a forerunner, or at least parallel to, the emergence of energy psychology protocols. All of which are based on a new way of perceiving both our thoughts and the world around us and integrating these new ways of being and seeing into the whole self.

When using energy therapies to balance long-term problems, there sometimes comes a point where enough of the old negatively charged thought patterns have been neutralized that the individual feels a sort of emptiness or void, not yet grounded in a place of peace. My theory is this. The disruptive thought patterns are so familiar, even the unconscious ones, that when they are no longer making “noise” in the background, there’s a sense of “something’s missing”.

Even though in EFT, positive statements are being “tapped in” along with the negatively charged thoughts getting “tapped out”, they often are not yet familiar enough or positively charged to a comparable degree to fill this seeming void. We have not yet settled into our new vibration.
Here is where I have found the introduction of positive or spiritual statements to be effective in filling the seeming void. Identify what are some books or resources that are particularly inspiring to you. One client finds positive support from the AA manual. The important point is, whatever the source, that you feel inspired by it. In your favorite resource, identify statements that resonate

in your heart and mind with the new consciousness you are creating. In this article, A Course in Miracles was the resource I chose.

The structure of A Course in Miracles is very conducive to creating simple setup/choices statements that can be used as a daily EFT practice prior to meditation or any time during the day when you need a lift. I use the key statements from the “Workbook for Students” to form the tapping sequence. If I’m already having a good day, I leave off the “Even though …” section and just tap in the affirmations. A couple of tapping rounds of even one or two of these and I truly have a whole new feeling inside. Consequently, the world around me appears renewed as well.

Here are some examples:
Even though nothing I see means anything, I am determined to see things differently.
Even though I am never upset for the reason I think, I choose to see peace instead [of this].
Even though my mind is preoccupied with past thoughts, my mind is part of God’s and therefore holy.
Even though I am upset because I see something that is not there, God is in everything I see.
Even though I do not perceive my own best interests, God is my strength and vision is his/her gift.
Even though what I think [is real] is a form of vengeance, light and peace and joy abide in me.
Even though I have given everything I see… all the meaning that it has for me, I [choose to] escape from the world I see by giving up my attack thoughts.
Even though my [negative] thoughts are images that I have made, I [choose to free myself from] the world I see.
Even though I have invented the world I see, there is another way of looking at the world.
Even though I am upset because I see a meaningless world, [I choose to] be still and listen to the truth.

Please adapt the phrasing so that it is meaningful to you. Use whatever concepts you know that reflect the presence of a Higher Power of consciousness than the ego mind. Again the key here is personally inspiring words and phrases. Let me know how well this works for you. And feel free to share other adaptations you have found helpful.

—Nancy Southern

©Nancy Southern   All Rights Reserved.

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10 Favorite Techniques

—By Nancy Southern, MSW
EFT Specialist

1.    Tap along with books, movies or TV commercials.
If you find yourself overreacting while reading a book, watching a movie, or even the news or a TV commercial, you probably have a similar emotional signature buried in your unconscious mind that is being triggered. Tap along with the character or mood in the story that you identify with and often the discomfort will fade away. (It helps to be reminded that what’s happening is not real to you right now, it’s a projection of a perceived reality, just like your past experiences.) You will still enjoy the story but you will no longer be paying an emotional or physical price for it. If you pick books or movies intuitively, you can set an intention to be drawn to the story that will help you clear the subconscious programming that is blocking you moving forward. It’s both fun and helpful to see what shows up.

2.   Try putting more emotion in your voice even if you’re making it up.
Sometimes, it’s difficult to access an emotion about a particular problem or repeating pattern. Remind yourself that it is an emotional pattern that has locked the problem in your energy field in the first place. By accessing an emotional vibration and adding that element to your tapping, can often get quicker results. Even if you are making up the emotion(s) like a good character actor, and adding that emphasis to your setup statements, the energy starts moving and the memory pattern begins to break up, decrease or disappear.

3.   Tapping using the title of a song (Country and Western songs are particularly good for relationship issues).
If you’ve been doing EFT for a while, you may already be familiar with Gary Craig’s Movie Technique. Not long ago when working with a client with an on-going relationship problem, I asked her to come up with a movie title for the negative pattern. Instead of naming the “movie”, she came up with a song title.  It really did speak directly to what she felt was going on. We used the title for the setup phrase and the tapping sequence. Her intensity level dropped dramatically. She was now free to see and feel differently about the situation and experience a new response. Another option, if you have a certain song that really gets your negative emotions stirred up, try tapping along to the song.

4.   Become your own MRI.
This is a really fun and effective technique to use either at the end of a session to make sure you didn’t miss something still lurking in the background or when working with a pain or discomfort that isn’t responding to Basic EFT.
Example: Pretend you are giving yourself an MRI. With eyes closed imagine a ring of x-ray vision encircling your body and scanning it. Start with the top of your head and move slowly to your feet. The multi-dimensional “camera” is looking for an energy blob or block. When you find it, describe its shape, color, texture and/or temperature and tap for exactly what you have just “seen and felt”. The setup statement might go like this:
Even though I have this long cold silver tube in my chest, I totally and completely accept myself.”
After a couple of rounds, the shape may change or move to a new location. Do another couple of rounds with this new information. Sometimes the changing of the shape or location allows for buried emotion to surface and be tapped through.

5.   Give the messenger a voice.
The body as the messenger is a common metaphor within most kinds of therapy. It gets even more effective when you add tapping to the processing of listening for the message. Focus on the symptom and ask “it” this question: “What is it you’re trying to tell me?”
Example: “If your stomach pain could speak for itself, what would it say to you?” You may or may not be surprised by what comes to mind. Use the comment in your tapping sequence and see if there is a shift. If that doesn’t get the energy moving, try asking the body: “What is the emotion that most closely matches the quality of this pain or symptom?” Then add the emotion to the message and tap again. This technique often gets the energy moving on symptoms that you have “learned to live with”. In fact, try using that phrase in one of the rounds of tapping. Example: “Even though I’ve learned to live with the angry knot I have in my stomach, I totally and completely love and accept myself.”

6.   Use your dreams for tapping sequences.
Dreams are all about symbols. Since the unconscious mind is programmed in symbols, your dreams can often point the way to the underlying thoughts and emotions for any number of self-blocking energy patterns. Some basic questions to ask yourself about the dream include: What is the predominate emotion being expressed in the dream? What is the personality characteristic being portrayed by the characters or animals in the dream? Does what’s being portrayed in the dream remind me of some event that I was involved in that is upsetting to me? Be sure to write down your answers so you can refer to them easily as you move through the EFT process.  Example: “Even though I sometimes feel like climbing the walls and forcing things to change, I know my inner child would rather go slowly and carefully.”

7.    Allow for unplanned humor.
Humor is often a spontaneous element in an EFT session. It is a powerful energy expression that can often break up an old pattern that had been resistant to traditional EFT approaches. Some of the most common clichés that you use in your everyday language can suddenly cause the biggest laughs. You become your own sitcom story. The old adage, “Laughter is sometimes the best medicine,” certainly holds true when working with EFT. It is seldom funny when you try to recapture it later to tell a friend, but in the moment of tapping it certainly did the trick.

8.   Ask an open-ended question.
Asking open-ended questions definitely gets the problem solving part of your mind going. When working with someone on a high intensity fear or strong pattern of self-sabotaging behaviors, I often ask, “What difference would it make if …..?” OR “What is the easiest thing to do here?” or “What makes you think that?” The ego mind is such a creature of habit that to have to stop to answer an unexpected question that isn’t a simple yes or no can begin to loosen the network of unconscious thoughts that are running the show while you are working so hard to fix the problem consciously. Because the unconscious mind is operating millions of times faster, it inevitably wins the game. The open-ended question bypasses the old pattern response.

9.   Let the kid in you say “NO, you can’t make me!”
As child a child you may not have been allowed to say NO and have it honored. Many times there’s a reasonable explanation (from the adult perspective). But the inner child gets stuck needing to say NO and not feeling heard. This leaves a gap in trusting your own abilities to discern when it’s appropriate to say no and when to say yes. For really stubborn emotional issues, especially the self-sabotaging variety in which you tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own, try getting into your stubborn two or three year old self and tap through the need to say no. Example: “Even though I feel like screaming “No, You can’t make me” at the top of my lungs but I never do, I totally and completely accept myself and my feelings.”

10.      Doubling the tapping and riding the wave.
Sometimes when a client is tapping for themselves, their emotional intensity starts going up instead of down. Ask their permission to tap on their hand while they continue to tap the upper eight points. Keep the focus on the emotion that is happening. You may also refrain from saying anything other than encouragement to stay with the feeling, as it will soon pass.
When the wave of emotion begins to subside, begin using words again to guide the client down the other side of it. The added hand tapping and describing the emotion as a wave that goes up, finds a crest and then recedes often helps the client to stay with it and complete most if not all of the release. Another helpful perspective to offer the client is to see their emotions as “Energy in Motion.” EFT is designed to keep the energy moving so it can complete the cycle of the wave.

To experience these different techniques and learn to apply them effectively, call Nancy Southern, MSW and EFT specialist for an appointment or ask about upcoming classes. You’ll be so glad you did!

—Nancy Southern

©Nancy Southern   All Rights Reserved.

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