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Is Your Comfort Zone Too Small?

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February 2009

A well-known sports coach, John Brody once said: “You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to succeed.” Is there something that you’re not doing or achieving because when you move toward it, you get too uncomfortable?

For many years I didn’t realize how much this notion of my “comfort zone” was getting in the way. There was an internal and mostly unconscious “red flag” that surfaced when I strayed too far from my familiar routines and “safe” patterns of behavior. I would do almost anything including self-sabotage to relieve the “red flag” of discomfort. No amount of will power or affirmations made any difference in getting past it. The discomfort barrier was always there.

I have been “tapping” for over 6 years and my comfort zone is so much bigger!
I’m doing and experiencing life in ways that in the past would have been too “uncomfortable” or even “frightening” to me. I no longer avoid taking risks or venturing into new experiences. I even surprise myself from time to time at what I can now do without fear or anxiety that before would have stopped me in my tracks. My comfort zone is much larger and I’m enjoying my life in so many new ways, personally and professionally. I’m manifesting more of what I really desire in my life. As a result, my imagination is expanding to include bigger possibilities.

Are you ready to expand your comfort zone and your dreams by “tapping” out your “red flag” of discomfort and accessing more of your true potential?

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Today is a good day to die.”
Well, it’s also a good day to step outside your comfort zone for a brief moment and find out what tapping can do for you. Please call now.

Ask for a complementary consultation. 360-376-4288.
It would be an honor to assist you in being more of who you are meant to be. The world needs what only you have to offer.

—Nancy Southern

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