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Rethinking Resolutions

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January 2009

How do you feel about making New Year Resolutions?
Is it an annual ritual for you? If it is, do you feel guilty or self-critical, when it doesn’t work? If this is the case for you, it is definitely a tapping issue! Resolutions, for a lot of you, don’t get you the results you seek. Have you ever asked yourself why it doesn’t work?

I invite you to think about what it “means” to “make a resolution”.
In common practice, it means there is something you’re not doing or doing “wrong” for which you need to change yourself to be better. It’s usually about a habit, problem or personal shortcoming you have failed to change that causes you or your loved ones suffering in one form or other.
If it’s habitual, the unconscious mind is running the show. The prevailing belief is to put your attention on it, do a certain thing, and it will go away. This approach is often fraught with stress and is usually unsuccessful. How many resolutions have you made more than once?

I looked up “resolution” in the dictionary and in the word origins book. In the past I have found: the word origin often has a very different meaning than the current use. In the dictionary, the most relevant definition to the idea of the New Year’s Resolution is: “a thing determined upon; a decision as to future action.” Then I looked up its origin. The root word is SOLVE.
Etymologically, it means, “release, unbind, pay, loose.” It was particularly relevant to the “payment of debt” from which the word solvent or solvency derives. Now this is getting my attention. There seems to be some discrepancy between its original meaning and its current use. Instead of releasing the problem, you learned to focus on it instead, reinforcing that something is wrong with you. Also note the action step is in the future!

To me, this is a mirror of the conscious and unconscious mind working against each other. Just as your unconscious thoughts (literal and symbolic) are more powerful than your conscious (rational and logical) thinking, this may be a factor for resolutions failing to bring the results you desire. Just like the unconscious mind, the old or original meaning of a word can still be working behind the scenes undermining your conscious intentions. Another way to look at a word in order to gain insight into what the unconscious mind is “literally” thinking is to take the word apart.

“Re” is a prefix. If you remove the prefix, you end up with “solution”. Think about all the different meanings for the word solution, including something liquid, a fluid state.
“Re”, as a prefix, means to fasten again and again. So each time you make a resolution you are fastening the perceived problem with a rational (conscious) solution to yourself over and over again, instead of flowing with it as a “fluid state” and gradually unbinding it at the unconscious level. No wonder it seldom works.

If you happen to be successful then the action you chose, solved the problem and allowed a change in behavior at the conscious level. If it doesn’t work, the perceived action that you are fixated on, is not the correct match for the given problem, at least as far as your unconscious mind is concerned. It simply can’t re-solve it in the way you think. You, then, criticize yourself for failing to change and the cycle perpetuates itself. Remember the old notion: if at first you don’t succeed; try, try, again? If you apply the same action again and again, it still won’t work. It’s more useful to try a different way, such as EFT. EFT gets the energy moving and breaks up the energy disruptions and unconscious thought patterns that are keeping you stuck in self-limiting patterns. EFT is the premiere tool for getting you back in the flow (as in solution).

To help you launch this year in a new way I have designed a variety of value packed one-on-one programs and group classes. These customized packages provide the support and guidance you need to effectively change those persistent self-limiting patterns that prevent you from enjoying a satisfied and meaningful life. If you are curious to know more, please call or email me right away. I am committed to making this a banner year for each one of you. This is your chance to embark on a journey of change from the inside out. I know you will be happy with the results.

—Nancy Southern

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