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Tapping Through The Holidays

Happy Tapping News
December 2008

Tomorrow is December 1st and I can already feel the holiday energy building all around me, particularly the abundance of amazing foods and drinks that are showing up everywhere I go. Yikes!

For most of my adult life I was vegetarian (25+ years). After that, I was on one restrictive diet after another, not because I was overweight (I was skinny) but because of dozens of other reasons from the spiritual to the mundane. For the last 2 years, I have shed all my restrictions and
have simply been enjoying life, especially food. Needless to say, I am supporting a larger body than ever before.
For the first time that I can remember, I am concerned that during this holiday season my “I can eat anything and everything” attitude may push me over the edge from having a “full figure” (the novelty of which I’m still learning to enjoy) to being “fat”. The fact that I am even thinking all this tells me it is an emotionally charged issue and in need of some TLC with EFT. Since obesity is an American pastime and even Oprah has taken up the mission to help folks get control of their  bodies again, I invite any of you with even an inkling of concern about your eating habits during the holidays, to do an EFT experiment for the month of December and see what happens. Cater (good word choice) your tapping to your needs and emotional intensity and use it once or twice
per week or everyday and see what results you get.

In setting up my own EFT statements, I called upon the work of EFT Masters to help me. I incorporated Carol Look’s Refusal Technique and Pat Carrington’s Choices Method.
Last night when I began putting together my EFT statements, right away I could feel my body tense up with the idea of “restricting my eating”. Bingo, that’s the place to start. Below are the three statements that work for me. I may need to adapt or change them as the month goes along. I then practiced each one several times to see if I could feel them internally. This is a very important element for success with EFT. If there’s no “buzz”, or shift in energy/feeling, then you haven’t found the right words or phrases. Keep at it until you get at least 3 combination setup statements that mirror the real issues.

Statement #1: “Even though I refuse to feel restricted in what I eat, I choose to eat small amounts of foods that taste good and are good for me.

Statement #2: Even though I’m anxious about this new fullness in my body, I choose to enjoy feeling more “womanly”.

Statement #3: Even though I seem to avoid exercising, I choose to enjoy moving my body in fun and active ways, like dancing, skipping, jumping, and walking. I have highlighted the parts of the setup statement that I then used during the tapping sequence.

Once you have the statements, do the Setup and The Shortcut EFT recipe 3 times using the Choices Method and observe the shifts and changes, most of which will be subtle. Then observe yourself at the next event with lots of food. Depending on how you feel and behave, adapt your statements before the next event. You may even want to journal this month to help keep your focus. (After a few practice rounds with each one, I felt “lighter” in my belly and skipped my bedtime snack. Very interesting, wouldn’t you say?!)

The above examples are personal to me. It is important that you create three statements that are resonant with you and your situation. If any of you want help in creating your statements, let me know. I will gladly help you create the statements that have the most “juiciness” for you.

—Nancy Southern

©Nancy Southern   All Rights Reserved.

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