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Finding Your Own Setup Phrases

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September 2008

I often hear from students of EFT, that one of the hardest parts for them is what to say when using EFT.

Recently I received an email from a student with that very concern. Yet, as I read through her email I found key phrases for forming setup statements that literally were in her own words.

She agreed for me to share a small part of our correspondence with you. I hope it will be helpful the next time you don’t know “what to tap on.”
Below are the setup statements I created for her based on what she wrote to me.

Here is her note to me.

“Dear Nancy,
As you probably know, I’ve been distressed all summer and it hasn’t let up even when I thought it would.  I just haven’t been able to put my finger on why I’ve been so down on myself.  I know–too much in my head!  So I’ve tapped, perhaps rather half-heartedly, but half is better than none.  Also I haven’t known what to tap on–the head gets in the way. I recognized the anger toward so and so which has subsided, but still was turning inward and feeling “less than.”  Everyone else seems happy so why the long face?”

My response to her:
“Dear ______,
Your emails are similar to a personal journal and are filled with the “heart guidance” you are asking for. I will show you what I mean below. I selected the phrases that are perfect tapping statements and then added the second half with words that seem relevant.

These are your clues on the trail to the “core” issue. Keep following them and you will be safely led to emotional freedom. I only did the first paragraph, but I’m sure you’ll see how you are pointing the way by what you write. After you’ve tapped your way through the first paragraph, try putting your own statements together from the others.

Just remember, you really do know how to unravel this. How is that possible, you ask? Because you so creatively put it together based on the accumulation of past experiences, thoughts and beliefs in order to feel safe and survive. It was the best you knew to do at the time and now it is getting in the way. Once in awhile inject a statement like:
“That was then, this is now, I am safe. It’s safe to change this part of my thinking.”

Keep up the good work you are doing. Though patience is helpful, it is not required. Just tap on being frustrated, take a few deep breaths, and tap again. Even a little relief is a step in the right direction. Just remind yourself it’s all energy and capable of being transformed. —Love, Nancy”
Here are the Setup Phrases created from her email:
Even though I’ve been distressed all summer and it hasn’t let up even when I thought it would, I’m doing the best I can.

Even though I just haven’t been able to put my finger on why I’ve been so down on myself, I accept myself just the way I am.

Even though I know I am too much in my head, I totally and completely appreciate my mind and my heart.

Even though I’ve tapped, perhaps rather half-heartedly, I know half is better than none.

Even though I haven’t known what to tap on because my head gets in the way, I choose to tap anyway.

Even though the anger toward so and so has subsided, I’m still turning inward and feeling “less than,” nevertheless, I agree to accept myself anyway.

Even though everyone else seems happy and I have the long face, I accept that I am open to growth and change?
[Reminder: Do each setup phrase three times while tapping on the side of the hand. Then tap through the eight acu-points from the short form stating the first half (the problem) until you feel some relief. Stop, breath deeply, then repeat again using the second half of each statement. Do as many alternating rounds as you need to in order for the intensity to decrease or dissolve.]
The next time you are struggling to find the “right words” to tap on, write a letter to yourself or a trusted friend. Put your thoughts and feelings into words from your heart. Chances are, when you read it again, you will be able to spot the key phrases for tapping.

If you are someone who journals, the pages of your journal are filled with the very thoughts that would be perfect for your use with EFT.

Let me know if you get some juicy ones that you would like to share with others. If you have been in an EFT group situation, you already know how the thoughts and beliefs of someone else often reflect something meaningful for you. We all can learn from the experiences of others, so please share. I will make sure that your privacy is respected.

Happy Tapping!

—Nancy Southern

©Nancy Southern   All Rights Reserved.

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