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Emotional First Aid

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July 2008

EFT for the little things in life. First of all, I apologize for being late with this month’s newsletter. I won’t go into the details or excuses. Nevertheless, I am committed to providing you with support and encouragement for using EFT in your everyday life. So, I tapped on my guilt and embarrassment for being late and sat down to write you. It’s fairly common when talking with students or clients to hear, “I forgot to tap.” Or, “It never occurred to me to use EFT for that!” Gary Craig was the first to say, “try it on everything,” and I absolutely agree with him.

So let’s start right here tapping on this “I forget to tap” problem.
Side of the hand: “Even though I forget to tap when something stressful happens to me, I totally and completely accept myself anyway.” (Repeat 3X’s)
Eyebrow: I forget to tap.
Side of Eye: I forget to tap and that upsets me more.
Under the Eye: I can’t think about tapping when I’m upset.
Under the Nose: I’m too self-conscious to tap in front of others.
Chin: When I do remember, it feels too late to do any good.
Collarbone: This “I forget to tap” problem.
Under Arm: I know it might help but I still forget.
Top of Head: This “I forget to tap” problem.

If you feel there is actual resistance to tapping, then change “forget to tap” to “resist tapping” and include the 9 gamut procedure. To refresh your memory, visit: . Go to “About EFT.” It’s also helpful to use your own words (what you’re really thinking) for any tapping sequence. Use the ones above to get started then add in yours to make it more personal for you. For those of you that struggle with “getting the words right”, tap on the “fear of doing it wrong”, or let go of the words and simply put your attention on the problem with feeling and tap away. When you’re in an emotionally charged moment, the words are less important than beingtuned into the feeling itself. As it decreases, you can begin to add words later.

Here’s a recent opportunity for using EFT as Emotional First Aid. Yesterday, when coming back to Orcas on the ferry, a young woman came into the restroom flushed and upset. She said, I’ve just been stung by a wasp.” I first asked her if she was having an allergic reaction or feared going into shock from it. She said no, but said it really hurt. I asked her is she would like me to try
something that might relieve the pain. Though hesitant, she said yes. I started tapping on the side of her hand, with a setup statement like: “Even though I just got stung by a wasp and it really hurts, I accept myself and my feelings about it.” I did a couple of rounds of the shortcut method while focusing on the sting and how much it hurt, etc. I made a point to include being angry at the wasp for attacking her and later on, forgiving the wasp for simply defending itself when feeling trapped in her shirt. She didn’t like the idea of forgiveness, so we changed it to what she could say. We did only 4-5 rounds and I could see the expression on her face gradually change from pain and distress to bewilderment and wide-eyed wonder.
When I stopped and asked her if it was better, she could only nod her head. I suggested that if it flared up again later to do some more tapping on the side of her hand. She was able to say thank you, but nothing more and I left to get on the ferry.

Even when there is a physical injury, there is usually an emotional reaction as well. EFT helps to discharge the negative emotional energy so the body can channel more energy towards healing the body. Now go through a round of tapping saying: “I choose to remember to use EFT.” You never know when it will come in handy.

Happy Tapping!

—Nancy Southern

©Nancy Southern All Rights Reserved.

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