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The Healing Power of Dreams

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May 3, 2008

When it comes to EFT, you have heard it said, “Try it on anything.” One of the many ways to apply EFT is with your dreams.

I have worked with “dream interpretations” for many years and have found it to be very helpful in understanding or shifting one’s thinking about some aspect of life. A basic premise of dream work is: Everything in the dream is about the dreamer and every person, place and thing in the dream is an aspect of the dreamer. Combined with EFT, dreams are very useful for accessing the subconscious “writing on the walls.”

Any time I have a particularly poignant or memorable dream, I make a point to write it down. I can now use it to “take a look at myself” from a new perspective. Dreams often have within them scenes or events that carry an emotional charge, as if they were “real”. EFT is an excellent way to disarm the charge so the message being offered by the subconscious mind can come through. Knowing that the subconscious mind is the realm of abstraction and symbolism, any element of the dream is a clue to some thought, belief, filter or perception that the mind is processing on behalf of the dreamer.

Recently I had a dream that was particularly meaningful to the highly charged inner work I have been doing regarding ancestors using EFT. By sharing the dream process with you, it may be of help in taking a look at your own dreams. You, too, can create setup statements found in your dreams and then apply EFT.

The Dream: Tapestries on my Walls
“I’m in a large visual art store with both two and three-dimensional items displayed all around. It has a very high ceiling with large complex woven tapestries on the walls. While I was at the counter debating on a purchase, a group of rowdy teen boys rushed in and began climbing up the walls and the weight and activity of their bodies were stretching and pulling the wall hangings apart. The people in the store started yelling at them to get down, which they did but they had caused significant damage (change) to these two big hangings. The boys were quite happy and clearly enjoying what they were doing and left with the same attitude. I felt some fear (3-4 on the Intensity scale) but mostly seemed to just stand there and watch it happen.”

Here’s where I woke up.
Later when pondering it, I made the analogy that for me (a former weaver and still an artist), the tapestries represent my version of the “writing on my walls.” For me, all the artifacts in the room symbolize my creative efforts to make order and beauty out of what my inner child had perceived as chaos and meaningless suffering.

I didn’t immediately identify with the rowdy boys (an unconscious aspect), though I knew that they were symbolic of something within myself. So I asked myself: what could they represent? What came to me is this. With the amount of inner work I do with others and for myself, it could, at times, feel “rowdy and disruptive” to my inner child. I had even had a recent chiropractic adjustment that felt “forced upon” my body. I later had severe muscle spasms and my back and neck “locked up.” My inner child is the one who so carefully put it all together (the tapestries on the wall and the art throughout the space). No wonder it was upsetting to her to have it altered so radically. (I did a number of rounds of EFT for that even before I had the dream.)

Back to the dream; no doubt, like most artists (me, too), my inner child is proud as well as attached to her creations. I also realized that to my adult mind (me in the dream) I wasn’t that upset with the boys for distorting the tapestries. As art they were interesting, but no longer “moved me”. As an adult, I greatly appreciate the creativity of my inner child, but I am also ready to change what’s on my walls (no longer attached to it) and move forward (making new choices as in deciding on what to purchase). In essence, this is the gift of EFT. As we become emotionally free of the past, we are now able to make new choices in the present.

There are more aspects to explore but this will give you an idea of how to get started with your own dreams. There are a number of EFT statements based on this dream story that I created to tap with:

Even though my mind is vast and highly creative (the store) and sometimes it’s hard to make decisions (difficulty deciding on a purchase), I totally and completely accept myself.

Even though I sometimes feel like “climbing the walls” and forcing things to change (the action and effect of the rowdy boys), I accept myself the way I am.

Even though I know my inner child prefers to go slowly and carefully and sometimes I tend to force change upon her, I love and forgive and accept myself just the way I am.

Even though my inner child worked so hard making these beautiful tapestries and she’s afraid to let them go, I agree to acknowledge her in a way that takes care of both of us as we move forward.

Even though we’re both attached to what we know from the past and proud of what we have created, I choose to encourage both of us to create new tapestries that are just as beautiful that we can both be proud of.

Even though I learned a long time ago to be afraid of change, I choose to see change as fun and enjoyable (the boys were having fun).

Even though there is a tendency to be angry about having to change (the people in the dream who yelled at the boys), I choose to see change as a normal and natural process.

Even though change often includes high energy that feels chaotic and disruptive, I choose to witness it calmly and confidently, knowing that I myself am safe. (I seemed to just stand there and watch it happen.)

Learning to recognize and integrate insights in your dreams will support you in creating a more peaceful and happy life. Combined with EFT, the effectiveness of doing dream work is enhanced exponentially. If you have a dream you would like help working on, call or email me for an appointment. I look forward to assisting you in uncovering some helpful clues that your subconscious is giving you.

Happy Tapping!
—Nancy Southern
©Nancy Southern  All Rights Reserved

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