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When EFT Doesn’t Seem to Work

April 3, 2008

This month I am focusing on another comment that I sometimes hear or when I get a call for help from those who are not having success tapping on a
particular issue. “EFT helps with other things but it isn’t working for this problem.”

I am the first to admit there are times when EFT doesn’t seem to work. Granted those times are few and far between but when it happens, I know the old feelings of fear and “I’ll never be free of this” start chattering away.

When working with a client, the inner detective goes to work inside me and I’m now looking to follow the “clues” the person gives me. These “clues” can be subtle like a change in the tone of voice, (particularly with phone clients) a look on the face, body language, or a particular phrase that has a “ring” to it.

Each new clue is a mini confirmation that keeps us moving forward together. Even when the bigger issue is not 100% resolved, usually enough has shifted to bring some relief. Taking a break after each shift, allows the person to integrate the changes little by little. This can be more comfortable than a radical shift. The inner Self knows how much it can handle at any one time. So be gentle with yourself.

When working on your own, instead of following the adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” (which if followed literally, doesn’t work) make a shift in your focus and keep tapping. The adage would be more helpful if it was stated this way: “If at first you don’t succeed, try a different way.” Now that makes a lot more sense! I’m sure Thomas Edison in the thousand plus experiments he did to create the light bulb, made 999 adjustments along the way. By trying different ways you will get results even if they are small ones! Remind yourself that you are on a treasure hunt to uncover your true nature, which is always there inside you waiting to be revealed. Follow your own clues and you will eventually find what you are looking for. EUREKA!

Here are a list of questions to ask your self to begin to uncover the thoughts and emotions that are blocking your pathway to releasing the “problem”.
Write down the first thing that comes to mind even if it doesn’t make sense or seem relevant. The subconscious mind is not always rational or logical in the way we might expect and even at times is quite clever in how it has “arranged things” in an attempt to keep you safe from repeating an old pain or upset or going against a long held belief.

Where do I feel the problem in my body?
What does it look like? Does it have a shape, texture, color
or temperature associated with it?
If this problem had a voice, what would it say to me?
What scares me about letting this go?
What difference would it make to be free of this problem?
Is there anything that I’m afraid I’ll lose or have to give up
if I no longer have this problem?

I find the first two questions to be especially effective. Just last week when working with two separate women, each felt they had something stuck in their throat. The first woman was able to shrink her “hot orange ball” with several rounds of EFT saying: “Even though I have this hot orange ball in my throat, I totally and completely accept myself.” As it got smaller and cooled off, we said, “this remaining orange ball, etc.” and it disappeared. She also got some helpful insights about the issue along with the process.

The second woman had a “hard tangerine stuck in her throat” that became an “apricot colored gooey walnut stuck in her throat” that was unresponsive to additional tapping. As I “heard” the fear and desperation in her voice the thought that came to me was: “I can’t swallow it or spit it out, it’s too big and it will hurt too much!” So I asked her about this dilemma and she said yes, that’s how it feels.

I suggested there might be another way to free her self of it and that is to let it slowly dissolve. That felt comfortable to her and I could already hear the “relief” in her voice. The setup phrase went something like: “Even though I have this apricot colored gooey walnut stuck in my throat and it’s too big to swallow or spit out, I allow for it to slowly dissolve.” We tapped on this option and the “apricot walnut” dissolved as we tapped. When I talked with her this morning, it’s gone and has stayed gone!

Be your own detective and see what you uncover!

Happy Tapping!
—Nancy Southern

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