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Frequently Asked Questions About EFT

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March 2, 2008

This month I will address some of the frequently asked questions about EFT.

The good news is you can’t do it “wrong”. You can get more comfortable with the process with repetition. As with any new tool or skill, comfort comes with reviewing the basics and practicing it again and again.

I tapped for five years knowing only two points and had remarkable results. I simply wrote down the problem and the related emotions. I then did a releasing process that I adapted from Karol Truman’s book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. I tapped and breathed consciously while I read through the script. 75% of the time, I felt noticeably lighter and more at peace. I didn’t know why or how it worked, I simply experienced it working and I was so grateful. This was during the time following Charles’ death and adjusting to being on my own again. Believe me, there were some very intense emotions that I was able to move through with this process.

The other interesting awareness was that the more emphasis or intention I put into the process, the more noticeable the letting go. Now that I know EFT, I don’t have to use the more involved script process. I just focus with emphasis and start tapping, and end with breathing deeply between rounds. And, yes, saying it out loud or writing it down does seem to work better. I get the same results in a shorter period of time.

The most difficult thing for our ego minds to grasp is that a problem or negative emotion that we have been grappling with intensely, and perhaps for a very long time, could actually dissolve in a matter of minutes or a handful of tapping sessions. Granted some issues are tangled up with other aspects or events causing the process to take longer, but eventually it is possible to let it all go. The key to emotional freedom is persistence and coming at it from a number of different perspectives.


One of the most helpful approaches to using EFT is starting with what is happening right now. If you’re feeling uncomfortable stating the problem and the related emotions, start by saying, “Even though I feel uncomfortable stating the problem or focusing on the bad feelings, I am willing to start tapping anyway,” as your setup statement.

Move through the tapping sequence several times while focusing on this discomfort and then notice if either the discomfort has shifted or even the problem itself may have shifted. Then try working directly on the issue and see if you can focus on it long enough to release it.

Here is an analogy that may be helpful.
Do you remember when you first learned that it was possible to focus sunlight through a magnifying glass in order to start paper on fire? Paper and sunshine do not by themselves have sufficient power to ignite a fire. It takes a catalyst of some sort to ignite it, such as the focusing of energy by the magnifying glass.

A similar phenomenon happens when you focus your thoughts on the problem or negative emotion long enough to allow the energy generated by the tapping to change its energetic properties. That’s also why it’s possible that the emotion or the problem may seem to intensify before releasing. Keep tapping to keep the energy moving and it will eventually resolve.

It took me a while to trust this part of the process, as it was the “intensity” that I was resisting in the first place. It was my resistance to feeling or experiencing “it” that caused it to get stuck in the first place. Some experiences are so intense that there seems to be an internal electrical breaker “blowing a fuse”. We turn off or shut down. Sometimes there is value in that. It gives us time to evaluate and adjust to the situation. At some point, we still have to reconnect the circuit to access the flow of our energy. Until we focus long enough to clear the resistance and open the circuits again, we’re operating at reduced power.

It helps to remember that any emotion is simply energy in motion. When it gets stuck, it needs that extra boost, generated by focused thought and tapping, to get it moving again and released from our energy field.

Happy Tapping!
—Nancy Southern

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