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The Buddy System

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Feb. 1, 2008

Do you remember as a child when you would cross the street or go on a school field trip, you were told to hold hands and stick together? Or when you were older, you learned “the buddy system” for swimming or hiking? Well, that principle is still important as adults. It is not only more enjoyable and relaxing when you go off on a new adventure to have a buddy to share it with, but if you hit a rough spot you have the support you need to make it through.

I’ve used the buddy system in many ways in my life to help me take a step into the unknown. When I was going off to the University of Kansas as a freshman, I was terrified, but knowing my roommate for my first year was a friend from a neighboring town made all the difference in overcoming my fears and actually enjoying being “out on my own.”

After college, my fears were back again as I contemplated what’s next after college. I really wanted to go to Seattle, but I was too scared to go by myself. Two college friends were all excited to go to San Francisco, so rather than venture forth by myself, I joined up with them. At least it was out WEST. I stayed longer than either of them because once I was there, I was OK to stay. I had new “buddies” and that made all the difference.

Marriage is another version of the buddy system and works really well most of the time. Having the support of a trusted friend when things are challenging or your fears get triggered, makes a big difference in dealing with stress. Yet, most healthy marriages include buddies outside the marriage, either as individual friends or other couples that walk beside you on the life path. These buddies often take some of the pressure off the marriage so it continues to breath and thrive.

Another form of the buddy system that I found profoundly helpful was having friends who were also on a spiritual path. We shared all kinds of amazing experiences that I know would not have happened if I had been totally on my own. It also provided trusted others to talk to when the experiences I did have on my own upset my sense of balance or well-being.
After I completed my courses at Unity Village and was wondering what my next step would be, a Canadian woman showed up via California to begin her training and after knowing each other for only a few days we made a commitment to be prayer partners for the next two years while she went through ministerial school and I awaited “guidance” for what I was to do next. Two years later in 1992, we were on our way to Orcas Island and the next most amazing chapter of my life began. Though we haven’t lived in the same place since 1994, we are still “buddies” for each other on our spiritual journeys. I so cherish all the buddies I travel with on my life journey.

So you may be wondering what all this has to do with EFT and tapping. My experiences have confirmed the adage that where two or more are gathered together something greater than one alone happens. It’s a phenomenon that has been taught by all the religious and mystical traditions and is now confirmed by experiments in Quantum Physics.

Having done one and one sessions (myself and a client) and many group sessions using EFT, I am thoroughly convinced that something wonderful happens when we tap together that might not have happened when tapping alone.

I woke up this morning realizing it was February 1st, and I wanted to write the next newsletter and asked myself what would be a good theme for this month. Of course, the whole Valentine thing popped into mind, yet I wanted to do something different around the idea of love. I had this immediate awareness to make this month a tribute to the power of two and the buddy system flashed in my mind.

So in order to launch the Tapping Buddy System, I am offering one-hour sessions in person or on the phone for “buddies” who want to tap together for the same price as a single session. This offer is available for the whole month
of February.

The beauty of this format is that you don’t have to be working on the same issues, just be supportive of your buddy and let the tapping process do the rest. Call (360-376-4288) or email me ( to book a session.

Happy Tapping!
—Nancy Southern

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