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New Years Resolutions

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Jan. 1, 2008

It’s a new year and many of you may be once again making those annual resolutions. Some of you may even be past the stage of trying. If your past experiences are anything like mine, I can start off with the best of intentions and within a short period of time, the old habits of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors are rearing their insistent voices. I soon feel overwhelmed and ultimately give up. Then I berate myself for being so weak or worthless. Sound familiar?

The classic resolutions are usually of a global nature such as weight loss, elimination of debt, more loving relationships, stop drinking or smoking, or stop eating sugar, a more satisfying work life, etc. What if you incorporated EFT in the process to clear the way and anchor them into your mind and body with tapping?

If you are familiar with traditional EFT, you know that it is most effective the more specific you are in stating the problem as well as putting some emotional passion into the statements. Revisit the EFT website archives for excellent examples of addressing your particular problem area. One I especially like is a 5 part article by Carol Look, EFT Master: YOUR VIBRATION ALWAYS COMES FIRST.

Though the end results may take some time, the shift in your energy is immediate. Now the opportunity is ripe for being more successful in a much shorter period of time using EFT, thus empowering you to stay the course.

Remember to start where you are right now. That may mean doing several rounds of tapping on:
“Even though I’m resistant to making changes even if I know they’re good for me, I totally and completely accept myself and my resistance.”

Or, “Even though I resent having to work on (this
problem) again, I totally and completely accept my

Or, “Even though nothing has ever worked before and I must be crazy for trying, nevertheless I am willing to give EFT a chance to make a difference.”

Be sure to engage the “doubter” and “rebel” or conflicting beliefs that are jabbering away in the background. Clearing the various nay-saying voices before you address the specific issue(s) will make a big difference in the outcome. Most of the issues mentioned above are convoluted and layered. Be patient and trust that the more you tap on whatever comes up, you will get to the heart of it even if it doesn’t make sense or seem relevant at the moment.
EFT is also effective for tapping in what you do want. Instead of the traditional affirmation of “I totally and completely accept myself,” experiment with stating what you do want and tap that into your consciousness. Start the affirmation with either “I choose” or “I expect” and then state what it is that you want and avoid stating what you “don’t” want.  This is the essence of the creative process, what you focus on you will get.  For instance, if you focus on “I choose to not carry this extra weight around,” what you’ll continue to have is “carry this extra weight around.” The subconscious mind ignores the “no’s and “not’s” and literally gives you what’s left.

Also pay attention to where in your body you “feel” the discomfort and tap for it. That pain or itch in your heel or head may be giving you a clue. First try tapping for the symptom itself for several rounds and see if there’s a change. If not, ask yourself this question: “What is this about?” Then, listen for the answer. It may come quickly or in a day or two. You’ll know it when you “hear” it. Tap on this and you’re a big step closer to resolving the issue.

I am often asked, “How will I know if I’ve done enough tapping?” Initially, it may simply be a feeling of peace or calm when you think about the problem. Then the real test comes when a situation arises in which the old pattern of behavior or emotional reaction would usually show up. If it is “activated” then more tapping is needed. EFT is most effective when the discomfort or intensity is active, so see this as an opportunity to make headway.

If you are not in a situation where you feel comfortable physically tapping on yourself, remember you can tap “mentally” and often get similar results, or at least enough to get you through the moment without sabotaging your original intention for change. Then, when you can privately focus on the situation, doing the physical tapping can take you to the next level of clearing. You’ll know you’re “home free” when you no longer think about it and/or the behavior is no longer a concern.

Feel free to share the process, both the successes and the roadblocks with me. I will share them if you “OK it” in future newsletters and make suggestions for increasing your success. We all learn and benefit from each other. I will also respond privately if you prefer.

May 2008 be a year full of pleasant changes and delightful surprises as you continue to balance the upsets within yourself using EFT.

Happy Tapping!
—Nancy Southern

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